Monday, August 4, 2008

its 1:30 in the morning...

and i seriously am not tired.
its not even funnny.
well, yesterday was pretttty much an awesome day :D
hung outtt with the brat pack, except for britt, but she was in our thoughts. :]
but oh yesss the mall was fantabulousss :]
i loved itt.
and all our fun times in those stores.
wet seal: sexy neon bright ass clothes and the lady was giving us evil looks cuz we wanted to take pictures. and the two ladies were watching me sneak in my camera.
trying on dresses in ONE humungous dressing room.
nd then saying asain things.
and monica whistling at them
i seriously loved how we just walked out and pretended like nothing happened. haaa.
than target: the haven. haha
and some lady on crack who doesn't know how to say "target". gaaaah.

oh jeeeez.
he frikking for sure wants to hang out at warped.
like hes not even "just saying that" just to be niiiiice.
im like excited but im suuuper nervous.
what if its super awkward when i see him?
and like what do i sayyyyy?
and he like wants to go somewhereeee?
hello? what abt his frikking friend?
i dont think hes a creeper.
and he seems nice.
and he called me cutie.
which i usuallllly hate when people call me that.
but i MIGHT make an exception.
haha :D

warped should be VERY interestinnnng.

oh and about last night.
that whole tom thing.
hahahaaaa :D
we were screaming SOOO hard.
oh man.
gootta love us :]


Friday, August 1, 2008

kyle burns is...

yuuuummy :]

cannnnt wait.





what what?


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's hot.

it realllly is :/
monday was so muchh fun.
me and lexi went to utc and did some shopping.
ALONG with otherrr things toooo ;]
we bought an amazing pair of boxer shorts from american eagle.
mine were striped! :O and lexi's said "rocket pocket".
i dont know what that means.
i hope its nothingg disgusting. in boy terms. aha
than we bought a boy shirt and tank tops.
then we got hit on by a ten year old with a cat on his shirt that said "Do you want me" ? or something like that.
he freaking cornered us and was all like, "hey do you guys agree with this shirt?"
and im like, "uh, no not really." and we walked away and all his little friends were laughing.
then we went to red robin where i apparently flirted with the waiter ? O_o what? noooo.
got a humungous mud pie.
which was deelisssh.
then we went home and changed into our super cool outfitsss.
got tonns of toilet paper to fill two bags, a camera, and some sneaks.
annnnd we walked to a specific location in poway.
im pretttty sure cheri knows what im talking about ;]
*erm*geometry b*erm*
and did a litttle bit of teepeeing. <-is that how you spell it?
it was SOOO much fun.
there garage door was open too.
thats rightttt,
were devious.
it was fun.
then we took pictuuures.
and went on myspace.
and watched tv.
and had fuuuun.

i CANNOT wait tillll this weekennnd.
its goonna be sooo much fun.
me excited.
x games start tomorow.
i tried skateboarding again todayy.
its been like a year ?
almost fell.

okaay im bored.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what is love?

haha. i love that song :]
yesterday i went to the beach with alexis.
and i gotta say it was a pretty interseting day, i guess. but it was still fun :D
we were laying on the beach for a little while, and there were like these little freshmen/sophomore boys [ i couldnt tell, but they WERE younger ] and they frikking moved there stupid umbrella and got closer to us. i was like wow. you kiddies are sooo smart.
haha:] it was kinda funny tho. one of them nodded at alexisss ! HA. she was freaking out and i was laughing my bootay off :]
annnnd then. lexi was all like "hey! why dont we go get ice cream or somethinggg!" anddd im like "YEAH!" and so we start walking towards the little stand and then lexi goes,
"nicole! its eddie !" i turn and hes frikking walking towards usss :#&%^
haha i tried to like walk the other way, but we werent goin that way, so i just looked away and pretended like i didnt see him.
BUT,then all of a sudden, he frikking walks RIGHT passed us. like he was literally touching us when he walked by.
im like "woahh! okaaay. UM. excuse me ?!" jeeeez.
yeah didnt really enjoy seeing him too much :[
and then we saw johnny and his sexiness, being a lifegaurd :] and some other blond dude who tripped. HA.
yeah that was the beach for yaa.
then when my mom picked me up, she had to put gas in right?
and my brother goes.
"nicole, are you going out with someone?" <-im sitting there like WTF.
"uh, no. what are you talking about?"
"cuz when [prince] was over i saw a bulletin you posted about brad or something." <-YES BRAD. i wrote something like "hey brad ;] get naked you beezy." but if you know the sitch, you know that brad is not freaking real.
"oh no, thats nobody." <- it really isn't.
"Oh, he doesnt exist?"
"NO! of course he does, im just not going out with him." <- couldnt tell him BRAD was fake, cuz he mite tell prince or his little retard friends. so now he's our little secret. i wonder what prince thought when he read the bulletin ;]

there was my day yesterdayyy.

and then for the topping on the cake [ which sounds REALLY good right now ] criss frikking angel freaked me out last nighhht.
hes bomb.

okay im ouut.

Monday, July 21, 2008

me first one. :]

hey! well its summer and im sitting here at home without a life. so. i might as well do somethinggg. :] and i stole this idea from cheri. :] hehe. alrighhht.
its 11:53am. scott went out to the mall with someone. whateverrr. dont really care.
i'll just talk about my weekend :]
on saturday, it was alexis's party! it was bomb, yo. i had to stay late cuz my mom wanted me to cuz she had to pick up my brother from a party and that was gonna be late so i'm like yeahh sure its allll good :] annnd i was texting ryan the whole time!
he sooo frikking likes her. its the funniest thing ever. and it's like "awww" at some points but then mostly its "ugh. its ryan. nuff said." haha. so yeah we were doing thatttt. and then my mom comes like around 12:15. and im like "ohhh shit." cuzzzz prince was in the car. i was freaking out and i didnt know if i should talk to him or not so i was just like WHATEVER. i got in the freaking car and all i said was, "hey..." :/ thats ittt.
hello? my brother was there. that would've been weirrrrd.
so then alexis starts texting me, *erm* i mean brad ;] and i was like "OMG,mom. i got a text message from BRAD!" haha. that didnt work too much. it was laaame.
and then we went to jack n the box drive thru cuz they were hungry. and then i get a phone call from "david barton." HA. HA. verrrry funny. cheri knows what im talking about :] which was really ash. and we talked for a bit. and the boys were saying stupid things into the little drive thru speaker thing. and im like "wowww. kids these days" and then we went homme.
annnnd yeah. see, it was retarded.
sunday, they left and i slept.
that rhymes!
later that night we went to chili's. i drove there ;]
unfortunately no cute waiters, but thats okkkk.
and scott was telling me how when they were at the party, there were like 5 girls who thought prince was cuute.
it was the weirdest feeling sitting at the table having to hear that.
BUT, i kept my cool.
cuz im cool like that.

so thatt was it.

im glad cheri and ash had a fantastical time at the maine signing and the cute concerrrrt :]
i wish i wouldve gone.
but i have to make a bracelet for kyle burnssss.
its a must.


okaay bye :]